Citations and copyrights cites all sources from where data and documents are taken.

Data and documents obtained from other sources are provided as per the original copyrights. In many cases, publicly available data do not have clearly specified copyright conditions. In such cases, does not add any copyright conditions, and any queries/disputes regarding copyrights should be directed towards the original provider cited by If there is any copyright infringement on account of hosting data/documents for which the original source did not explicitly prohibit such use of data/documents, request for removal of such data/documents should be made to admin at

All original content (including graphs and table layouts) on this website is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. All content over which owns the copyright is provided with complete freedom to use, including the freedom to create derivative works, so long as the user acknowledges the use of such content from

Users of all data and documents should cite the original source as well as a reference to the specific page of from where these are taken.

Sample format for citation:

Data on number of bank branches are from Basic Statistical Returns for Scheduled Commercial Banks in India, Reserve Bank of India, and were taken from

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